Thursday, November 1, 2012

Still a dancer, always

I don't get time to dance very often. I have commitments that include managing the Second Life engagements of Jordan Reyne and DeepSky Timeless, and a commitment to maintaining the Idle Rogue sim and community. Dancing as a soloist for Guerilla Burlesque has become a fairly demanding pursuit, the bar is very high indeed, and I don't have time to learn the skills the other dancers regularly deploy.

I am frankly in awe of the dancers who arrive at every rehearsal with fully-realised, clever concepts that are freshly developed. It's a rare thing for a Guerilla Burlesque dancer to need to run a repeat, and is more often about performing to their own personal satisfaction than it is about a creative block.

We just went through the Halloween season. Our performances were watched over 500 times, and we did five fresh shows, each with a rehearsal (some shows featured repeat acts). It was hard work, and every dancer dug deep and found the stuff to make it great. We made a lot of new friends, and we did some amazing things. My team is better, faster, stronger than ever, and they make me incredibly proud. Not least, for me, is the fact that our last show, on home ground, was the best. I love that they treat Idle Rogue so well, because Idle Rogue loves them very much.

As my own dance commitments have shrunk, new faces have appeared on the team, and these are truly interesting, natural performers. You will enjoy getting to know them, as they have already shown a distinct personal style and a heartfelt dedication to creating great works. We are honoured, in so many ways, that they chose to work with us.

My act for the final show was based on two thing. The first (as always) was the song, Juular from The Devin Townsend Project. The second was the *~*Illusions*~* Civetta Venetzia Mask which was every bit as majikal as wearing a mask is in real life. In case you missed the act, enjoy the song :-)


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