Monday, July 5, 2010


Knickers are my business. I am 90% certain, by the time I actually get down to my lingerie, no-one much cares what it is (and perhaps cannot even see it), but I care, and so my search for pretty knickers is unending.

So when I heard Akosha Eales had gone into lingerie, I hopped that tp before they were even hung on the walls at Phoenix Rising. I'm certain it would have annoyed the hell out of the team there, but I waited until it was all up, even knowing there was obviously a problem. I was late for work, too, because of it, but I loved them so much I had to wait for the red, which I wanted to buy for a friend (on a side note \o/ for designers who make transferable items, the shoppers love you. Cus when you've run out of excuses to buy for yourself, you can buy gifts!)

Lingerie - Mislead by Phoenix Rising
Jewellery - Memories by DECO
Hair - Cafe in Cinnamon by Analog Dog
Skin - Kate Medium Fuschia by League
Tattoo - Glorybox by Ellie Criss of Sharkey's Tattoos (custom)
Piercing - Custom by :smc:

By the way, my bed is by Lovers Playground. It cost a fuckton of lindens that I'm not really sure it's worth, but their customer service is excellent, and you can change the sheets, and those are both nice things.

chry TART

I have fallen a little bit in love with iheartsl and its' constantly busy spoonfuls of fashion, so, yesss, it's time for a few more fashion posts. One thing I have noticed is that the same items appear over and over again - I'm not sure if this is because contributors only blog the "latest" thing or the free thing, but I figure the three of you can stand it if I do this my own way.

Slappy Doobie mentioned TART to me just days before I found them at ZombiePopcorn carnival. I have since been to their mainstore and raided like a viking. TART is hot hot hot and I expect you'll be seeing a bit of it if you see a bit of me.

Dress - TART Alexandra (camo) by TART
Boots - Prestige by Bax (yes Marnix, I know)
Jewellery - Enigma by LouLou & Co
Hair - Kelly by Analog Dog
Skin - Kate Medium in Fuschia by League
Eyes - Emerald by Devious Minds
Tattoo - GloryBox by Ellie Criss of Sharkey's Tattoos (Custom)
piercing - custom by :smc:

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