Thursday, October 11, 2012

and now we are four ...

So my rezzday came and went, with a minimum of fuss, and that is what I'd hoped for. Other years, especially last year, were crazy big events, and that always flattens me. I was particularly naughty last year, I know how much time and effort everyone put into it and I behaved very badly. It wasn't intentional. I am just surprisingly bad at unexpected attention. Not something I had to worry about this year lol.

And as I go into my fifth year as resident of a virtual world? Do I still believe? Does it still compel me? Yes. Of course. I am there less now, because so much of my SL is actually work, I have to go somewhere else for mindless distraction, which is ironic. And it's fair to say the raging battles of the past twelve months took their toll, the enjoyment has been muted.

I still believe SL teaches us everything we need to know about ourselves, if we choose it. Sometimes the journey down the rabbit hole is bewildering and unclear until you are able to pause and reflect. That's true of first life, too. As always, Second Life simply compresses the time required, distils the experience. It's the internet, baby. With pretty pictures.

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  1. I love the picture for this blog. I love your comments and it's true. The journey down the rabbit hole has been bewildering for me too. Life has gotten to me this past year in good and bad ways it seems as well. Got to keep moving. I came into SL thinking it was only a game and adopting the mindset taught by some that it's just "a game" but it's not. I mean there are games and the people who play them but it's different.
    SL can be so many things to so many people. I have found it to be at times a good escape from the RL things in life but yet there is the ebbs and flows I'm learning too :-) Always good to read these. I haven't read them in a while so you can say I'm catching up ;-)
    Lover of all things Idle,

    ellie ;-)