Monday, November 28, 2011

200 Days

He came into my Second Life 210 days ago and insisted that I notice him. Within a week he had changed everything.

And I understand ... you don't need to read this. Other people's mushy stuff doesn't interest me, and like you, I'd prefer they kept it to themselves.

I just want to take a moment and thank him. For the way he understands what I am doing, even before I do. For the way he never lets me get carried away with a fallacy. For not letting me withdraw, despite the many times I tried. For noticing what I look like, and for caring what he looks like. For understanding my friends and reminding me why I love them. For always, always supporting me, in my plans, in my actions, in my frustrations. For giving me ideas, for taking my ideas and giving them wings. For dancing with me, in the snow, and for loving "Whisper Of A Thrill" so much he makes me love it too. For always being strong, and male, and proud, without ever being obnoxious, or controlling, or deceptive.

For making the effort to make every one of 200 days sparkle, without ever making it look like an effort.

Je vous adore à la lune et retour

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