Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Married

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Dear Remy -

Yes, it's another letter to you, that everyone else can read.

You married me today. It seems fair to give you your own entry.

People are being very strange. They are acting as though they're surprised, or even shocked. I don't understand why. It was always you, from the moment I met you, with your demanding, cute, noob ways. Demanding is the wrong word, it sounds like a negative thing. Do you know that one of the ways you won me was that way you had of tping me, as soon as you or I logged on? I liked your confidence. I still do.

I like that you've maintained your integrity, and your sense of self, throughout your journey through this second life. I like that you keep a weather eye on reality, and that you remind me where it is. I like that you are always brutally honest, and still charming as hell. I like how you know me so thoroughly that I can never rattle you ... and that I know you so well that I know when I have.

I do adore thee, Remy de las Lanzas. If partnering someone in Second Life is simply, as it seems to me to be, a statement that one's loyalty is publicly aligned to another, then you are it, and you have mine.

much love
Mrs Fretwerk

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