Monday, June 21, 2010

Factory act: Children of The Sandstorm

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In a not too distant future, man's pillaging of the earth, her forests and oceans, takes a deadly toll on human society

All that remains is an arid landscape ... a dryness that has penetrated the human soul. Humans huddle in caves, seeking the damp that seeps from stone, thirsting for the elemental water they need to survive

Powerful tribes roam the dunes, commandeering any water source they can find, oppressing those who would strike out from the caves and forge new lives

But 'tis human to hope, as it always was, as it always will be ....

Solitary, rogue, adapted for survival, She, too, braves the hard dry dunes

Her life is hard, and dirty. The battles are daily, fierce, interminable. But she will not surrender. She will not squeeze the life from her kind ... and she will not dwell beneath the earth ...

:::: Skin and costume by Tiera Cioc. Kudos to Ludo Sabetha for another great find ::::

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