Friday, April 30, 2010

capax infiniti

Yesterday, I found a myspace account that I didn't know existed. Of course there is a blog attached to the profile, and in it the writer mentions how wonderful life is. How much it has improved since he freed himself of certain poisonous influences.

Of course, it's the blog of someone I used to be very close to. Close enough to know that I (and my virtual world) was not the only poison in his life then. But I certainly was one of them. And yes, it hurts to know that's how I showed up in the debriefing. It hurts even more to not have been invited to the debriefing, but ehhh ... I was ever a symptom, and not the disease.

I wish him well. He shaped my Second Life. He taught me what I could absorb. He showed me what was possible and influences my aesthetic decisions to this day. From him I learned to work for my Second Life, and the satisfaction of self-supporting in game.
If nothing else, I have to thank him for anime, for Corey Taylor and for the beautiful build that is Idle Rogue.

Along with all the other poisons, I have been removed from his system. I guess I'm okay with that.

Consummatum est

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  1. I desperately want to smack you around for this post...because I know how you felt when you posted it. And that is the feeling people get when they have been royally manipulated! For the love of God, look in the mirror. I never knew him, but I sure know you - and so do droves of other people that would be aghast that this one stupid guy put you in such a tailspin.

    I can also tell you that he's a coward. He posted that MySpace message for the same reasons you did - in reverse. And the salvo landed beautifully.

    He was lucky to have you. Its a pity his head was too far up his own ass to see it.