Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obligatory Fashion Post

Everyone else is doing it, so why can't I?

Actually, fashion blogging is a high-end pursuit in SL, and I am not intending to join those ranks. I'm aware, however, that reading my angst is a labour of love, so it can't hurt to break up the flow occasionally. And, you know, I buy so many clothes, sometimes I never see them again. If ever I wonder what that little ensemble I liked so much was, I can look back over my blog and recall it. All good reasons, I thought ...

The Basics:
I wear the same skin, eyes, tattoo and hair colour most of the time.

Skin: Kate - Forest by League
Eyes: Devious Emerald by Devious Minds
Hair: pictures 1 and 2 - Play by Analog Dog
picture 3 - Syanne by Analog Dog
Tattoo: Floral by Bi-Sensual
Piercing: Jade Lip Ring by :smc:

Outfit - Picture 1:
Leather Jacket by Grasp
Idle Rogue tank top by Sexy RedDevil for Idle Rogue
Leather Pants by Grasp
Biker Boots by Redgrave
Dagger by Avid

Outfit - Picture 2:
Frau Black Dress by Hyper Culture
Lilly Black Satin Lingerie by Insolence
Laddered Stockings by League
Pornstar Boots by Urban Bomb Unit
Rock Rolla necklace by Naith Smit Designs

Outfit - Picture 3:
Abby Dawn Black Sweater by Capris Designs
Camouflage Pants by Lilli Cattaneo *freebie
Sinaed Black Boots by League

Yes, there is an element of Tramp in this week's purchases, though let's call it rock'n'roll, shall we? Of course, I was a pierced and tattooed tramp before the Bass Player arrived in my life, now I just have a really good excuse to spend for it!


  1. Do you always wear black, Chry? I don't think I've seen you in any other colour...


  2. I am sure I remember a forest green outfit once, Q. I cannot remember what the ensemble comprised, but it was definitely a deep, rich green. It might have been an Ellie's.

  3. And she definitely has red and white with the black in this shot

  4. w00t! Comments! Yay!
    I do wear a lot of black, Q, I do irl, though I like to think of my palette as "earth tones" lol. I Never wear black at Ellie's, though, since Miss Ellie Criss has command of that colour

  5. oh, wait! Look up there, top of page!

    Not black ;-P

  6. Oh right! I totally overlooked that *facepalms* I tend to wear a lot of blue/turquoise/teal and red/maroon, in addition to black (black is always a staple, isn't it?). Those seem to be my favourite colours... oh, and purple!


  7. This is more white than black