Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To my chagrin, I have attempted this once before, over at LiveJournal. Here, for the purpose of elucidation is my first post from there:

"And here I am. Twice. Once in each of my lives. It's occurred to me that some of the things I get up to in my Second Life are not that interesting to people in my real life ... and vice versa. Not to mention I've some angsty Second Life stuff I really need to get out of my system, and the people on my contact list have run out of patience listening to it. In my real life, I have found journalling my thoughts and experiences to be cathartic. So I'm thinking the same approach might work for poor poor chry, who always has such a lot on her cartoon mind."

From which you may deduce my RL has a blog, too, somewhere on LiveJournal. Don't go, it's 600+ posts of dull dull dull, and gets updated less than Plurk. On the other hand, chry really wants to vent some things, so I'll try to be a good blogger. Of course, I'm a noob here, so don't be expecting all that fancy-schmancy slurling and linking. Yet.

I'm here because friends blog here, and it's easier if I try to keep up from one space. Important things to know: I love my second life, often at the risk of my first; I am big on words; and I have a chronically lazy little finger on my right hand. It annoys me much more than it will ever annoy you.

Next post will be my rezzday musing from the beginning of October, posting of which will allow me to kill off the livejournal account. I'm moving in, blogger, fix the damned elevator.

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