Thursday, October 29, 2009

Miss Busy

When you love outside your own timezone, there will be casualties.

I always felt we existed in a kind of twilight, since my early mornings were his evenings, and vice versa, though once the torrent of words began, whole days and nights could and did disappear. I couldn't stop it, I couldn't bear to tear myself away. After a while, though, one of us had to, and so he did.

I rented Idle Rogue within a month of rezzing. It was to be a space to build, so it didn't matter that it was a mountainside block. I covered it with trees and a pagoda, put in a chess table and sine wave's kung fu balls (better than sex - though frankly I have nothing on which to base that comparison).

As he withdrew from Second Life, he added me more and more to his real life, always with the understanding that he would be back. And from time to time, often, really, he did come back. And when he wasn't there, I waited for him. I don't wait easily, so I got busy.

First it was a Christmas Party. My first actual building ~lol~ a platform that looked like an iced pond, but it was fun. There was lots of fun there. After the christmas party was over, I came up with the idea of an all day music festival, and that grew out of hand to include a designer market. Idle Rogue Live was successful, so we thought we may as well address the shortcomings of the venue. A sleepless weekend later, Idle Rogue stood as it now stands. I have much love for that building. It will stand for some time yet.

By then, of course, I was learning the hard lesson that all aspiring live venues must learn: live acts are expensive, and operators get very little return on the fee they pay to have an act appear. Avis rarely tip the venue, and they disappear as soon as the act is over. It was always our aim to be self-supporting inworld ... but I lack the skills to be a successful content creator.

I had an idea to put together a "show", something different to, or more than, a live act. I wanted to run a blues night, and couple a performance from Arman Finesmith to, I hoped, a performance by a traveling burlesque troupe. And it was on my hunt for this traveling burlesque troupe that I walked into Ellie's Burlesque Club on Jupyter. I walked out with a job, and a burlesque diva was born.


  1. Welcome (back?), Chry. It is good to have you here, lass :)

  2. why, thank you, Mr Malifozik. You do realise it's only so I can keep up to date with your shenanigans, right?

    Ohh ... and get to know your shenanigans :-P