Saturday, July 9, 2011

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands

Just a few months ago I wanted to write about "what I'm looking for", and gave up in the end, because it seemed like it would be dull reading.

My partnership had ended, and was followed by an unfortunate choice, a "fling" that left me feeling very hollow indeed. I am so busy that I don't really have time to establish close friendships (some will say I barely have time to maintain the ones I have). And I am not offering a real life (my personal reality precludes it) - so many people want that, even when they've denied it. I felt like I was standing alone in every crowded room. SL is a great adventure, but it's a collaborative experience, an interactive medium. It's more fun with someone who "gets" you.

Had I written the list, it would have included things like:
  • Shared interests - Idle Rogue and its' community, entertainment, event management, art, content creation, music, dance, photography
  • Personal characteristics - patience (for my lack of time, and for my mood swings), flexibility, good self esteem, honesty, fidelity, sense of humour, capacity for intellectual conversation, tolerance, a strong work ethic
  • SL specific attributes - time to be there, committment to being there, an appreciation for the medium and it's possibilities, an ability to separate from RL but be a real person
So uhhh .... it seems like he showed up. He is so true to my theoretical list I, at first, suspected him of being manufactured. It's a good thing he likes classic rock, because, seriously, he needed a flaw

He's also new, and I am quite conscious that who he is, in his Second Life, is unformed yet. And I have a natural instinct to bolt at any minute anyway. It weirds me out that he seems to have arrived in SL with all the skills he could possibly need to cope with me.

I am ridiculously content. And I feel I ought to say so.

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