Monday, April 18, 2011

but I don't think I can!

Write every day, they say. Write something.

I suck at self-discipline. I am a Flash In The Pan kinda gal. I find a thing, love it to death and move blithely on. Sounds like fun, but in reality, it means I don't get much done. It is why I use the word dilettante in all my profiles.

Working on a dance act last year, my good friend and technical advisor, Diawa Bellic, noted that one of the people we'd approached to participate had "an awesome ability to want to fail". I don't want to be that person. But every time I am confronted with an ability I have, I start to limit myself. I give myself any number of passes ... as many as it takes to let myself off the hook from actually doing something.

Even now, with this tiny little attempt to start, I am thinking of can'ts. Maybe that's what tomorrow's post will be - a great big list of why I can't. Because, you know, things can roam around in your head seeming perfectly logical, but you put 'em out there, outside your head, and you suddenly realise they don't make much sense at all.


  1. I will advise you on this..pencil me in for 6 pm slt

  2. lol i have know idea what i meant by that.. must had been a inside thing